Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vaser Me Softly

Wide Aware Liposuction Makes a Perfect Ultra SOUND
Entertainment Tonight recently aired an unbelievable segment depicting wide awake liposuction. In the segment, Dr. Payman Simoni, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, performed liposuction while the patient was talking on the phone. He was using a new ultrasonic technology named VASER® Lipo to create a smooth, predictable result.

“When I was a medical student I became so fascinated with liposuction that I decided to have the procedure done during my plastic surgery rotation. As I was going under anesthesia I started to get very scared. Next thing I remembered I was waking up in a recovery room sick to my stomach and throwing up. I was in severe pain for one week. Afterward, when I thought that it had all been worth it, I noticed the suctioned area was uneven,” Dr Simoni recalls. “Some of my faith in liposuction was restored when I first learned about wide awake liposuction in my surgical training. But what really amazed me was the VASER Liposelection® procedure.”
Imagine you could lie comfortably on a bed without any anesthesia and lose those fat pockets in just a few hours. Using a new ultrasound technology, called VASER Lipo, the fat can be gently melted away leaving a smooth end result. Amazingly you can walk home right after liposuction and return to work a day or two after.

In the wide awake technique, very small instruments are used. This permits a more delicate and gentle approach to liposuction. Since the patient is awake during the procedure he or she can stand up so the body can be sculpted more accurately. “By mixing wide awake liposuction and the benefits of VASER Lipo technology, we are able to combine safety and better results,” Dr Simoni explains.

VASER LipoSelection uses the gentle power of ultrasound to remove unwanted fat without damaging surrounding tissues—such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue— to promote smooth contours and rapid healing. The trauma that the traditional liposuction inflicts on nerves and blood vessels is the main cause of pain and bruising. The selective action of the VASER Lipo System minimizes pain and bruising, and thus decreases downtime. Since the fat is first softened by gentle ultrasonic waves, the end result is smooth and predictable.

“VASER Lipo is different from previous ultrasonic fat removal technologies in its efficacy and gentleness,” Dr Simoni explains. “I looked into other new techniques such as laser and mesotherapy, but I feel VASER technology is superior in its efficiency and end results. That is why I chose to incorporate VASER Lipo into my practice.”

“There are many occasions that I wished I could go back in time,” said Dr Simoni. “My liposuction experience is definitely one of those times. To do it over again, I would have been treated with VASER Lipo while wide awake.”

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